2006 Lambs

March 16, 2006 – Checked on the sheep at 7:30AM this morning and found Elly with a little head sticking out of her. I watched her a little longer and it doesn’t look like she was trying to push her out at all. I ran inside in get gloves and towels to assist her. I watched her a few more minutes with no progress, so Rick and I entered the jug. Rick held Elly and sooth her while I grabbed on the lamb’s legs and pulled her out. In a couple of minutes, a large ewe lamb emerged. This is Elly’s first time and the lamb may have been too large for her to handle. Elly took over from there, though. She cleaned her ewe lamb and allowed her to eat. Our son, Anthony, named this ewe lamb Sophia.

April 4, 2006 Checked on the sheep in the morning and Ede was acting a little different. She wasn’t overly push to get treats. She is one of our pushiest, so baby should be here soon. Rick and I checked on the sheep at noon and our neighbor came over to say hi. They got to witness Ede giving birth to twins. One black ewe (Sybil) and a brown ram (Basil). The ram, Basil, sold to Dave in Grinnell, IA

April 9, 2006 Milly gave birth to a stillborn today. It was a white Icelandic and Bluefaced Leicester cross. We were at Cecilia’s soccer game when a friend stopped by to tell us she saw a dead white lamb in our barn. They had stopped by to take pictures of the lambs for a project. When we got home, Milly near her dead baby. It was a sad sight. We did not take pictures.

April 18, 2006 Checked on the sheep this morning and saw Rosemary with a ewe lamb. We couldn’t get over her ears. They were big for her face. We named her Olivia. It took Rosemary a few days to get use to having a little lamb with her. Olivia sold to Darlene in Lamar, MO

April 19, 2006 Tilly acted like she will be delivering today. She seemed really uncomfortable this morning. When I checked on her at lunch, she started to go into labor. I stayed and watched. She labored for a long time and her bag broke. Rick and I got gloves and prepared to help her. Rick soothed her while I assisted by pulling the lamb out. It took a long time. The lamb was too large for little Tilly. I thought I broke the lamb’s legs by now, but she finally emerged and was up and walking right away. We named her Ginger. Ginger is a special lamb. Her wool color is really neat. Ginger sold to Rebecca in Mapleton, IA

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