2009 Lambs

Shearing and lambing took place much closer this together this year. It is better to shear them a month prior to lambing, but it was so cold. After last year’s freeze after shearing, we didn’t want to take that chance this year. It didn’t seem to stress the ewes too much. Please contact us if […]

2008 Lambs

We planned lambing much better this year. All were born within two weeks and the temperature was on the rise.   March 23, 2008 – Easter Sunday found Rosemary delivering a white ram and white ewe. The ram was big and needed a little pulling to come out. Cowlyn is their sire. Ram sold to […]

2007 Lambs

This year’s lambing season started almost a month sooner than we anticipated. The sheep have a metal shed to get out of the weather on the east pasture. It was raining and icing on February 24, so Rick went over to encourage the sheep to spend the night in the shed. While he was in […]

2006 Lambs

March 16, 2006 – Checked on the sheep at 7:30AM this morning and found Elly with a little head sticking out of her. I watched her a little longer and it doesn’t look like she was trying to push her out at all. I ran inside in get gloves and towels to assist her. I […]

2005 Lambs

July 6, 2005 – We were awaken at 2:30AM by a loud noise from the barn. We got our camera, flashlight and our shoes. By the time we made it to the barn, Tilly was cleaning up her little ewe lamb. This is our first lamb on the farm, so needless to say we were […]

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